Club Med Magna Marbella opens its doors with an eclectic design by Studio MHNA


In the heart of Andalusia, Studio MHNA has designed the new Club Med Magna Marbella. Interior designers Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet bring the Andalusian soul and its cultural diversity to every corner of the 4-trident resort. Covering almost 38,800 m2, their eclectic and colourful style resonates with the history of this unique Spanish destination.
Framed by the Mediterranean Sea and rolling hills, the hotel’s lush gardens – with oleanders and palm trees – invite contemplation and the impression of a sublime oasis. The beauty of this sensory paradise extends onto the patio-like foyer with its central swimming pool, offering a contrasting freshness to the outside heat. Thanks to the bay windows and skylights, light is able to generously flood the space.

The sensory journey continues through the 485 rooms and suites of Club Med Magna Marbella. Ranging in size from 26.5 to 53 square metres, all are distinguished by a bold colour palette of azure blue, golden yellow and fuchsia pink. From the headboards to the curtains and quilts, the decorators have balanced a sober and graphic design to create a relaxing atmosphere. This sense of tranquillity extends to the outside where guests can enjoy a view of the sky and sea from their terraces or balconies.

In keeping with Club Med’s spirit of conviviality and generosity, multiple restaurants offer different culinary experiences in unique surroundings. Refined and cosy, the Gourmet Lounge sparkles with a multitude of yellow gold variations bringing a warm atmosphere to the space: wall lights, bench cushions and inviting armchairs…This glowing colour palette elegantly harmonises with the white trees that punctuate the space, referencing both the olive trees that are iconic of the region and its famous white villages.
White, combined with black, is the predominant colour of the traditional buffets in the main restaurant. The restaurant is divided into a series of rooms that celebrate Andalusian artistic heritage. A brightly coloured mural pays tribute to the celebrated painter, Pablo Picasso, a native of Malaga. Another room evokes the equestrian art of the Royal Andalusian
School with sandy yellow walls and chestnut upholstered benches in reference to the horses’ coat. Meanwhile, the lighting fixtures recall the stirrups of horsemen. Flamenco, an iconic and bewitching dance, is also honoured in a flamboyant red lounge. The undulating curves of the ceiling lights echo the fluidity of the dancers’ clothes.

Swimming pool & spa
In its verdant setting, the main swimming pool of almost 900 m2 is a place not to be missed, where white deckchairs and daybeds are matched with red shades and parasols. Further away, the Zen pool guarantees real moments of calmness around four-poster beds, deckchairs, and white parasols.
Designed as a lively Spanish marketplace, the boutique includes a grocery shop and a wine cellar, allowing you to bring back some local delicacies from your stay!
Club Med Magna Marbella offers convivial meeting rooms in terracotta and soft green tones. With the inclusion of a fireplace, they provide a unique working environment.
For this new collaboration with the Club Med group, the tandem formed by Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet expresses the originality and boldness of their colourful style on a large scale. The richness of the shapes and patterns and the mix of artistic references give Club Med Magna Marbella a powerful aesthetic.

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